Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy outlines the terms and conditions for the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). By using the Website, everyone agrees to these terms and conditions.

The Website is operated by NEWLIMITS COACHING LLP (registered office: 1103 -11871 Horseshoe way, Richmond, BC, V7A 5H5, Business Registration Number: 01890, hereinafter referred to as "Operator"), and the Website is owned by the Operator. For information, clarification, or feedback regarding the structure, content, or any related matters of the Website, please contact the Operator at [email protected].

I. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise specified, the content of the Website is the intellectual property of the Operator and is protected by copyright laws.

Visitors may save or print parts of the content for personal use only, but they are not authorized to further use, distribute, store in a database, make it downloadable, or commercially exploit the duplicated parts of the Website without written consent from the Operator.

When using content from the Website, it is allowed to reference the Website with the condition that the original information is not modified and the reference to the Website is clearly and visibly indicated in every instance of use and publication.

Unauthorized or excessive use beyond the scope of granted permission may result in legal action by the Operator.

II. Data Protection Provisions

NEWLIMITS COACHING LLP respects the rights of visitors to the Website regarding the protection of personal data. Personal data will only be stored if voluntarily provided by the visitor or if necessary for the use of services provided through the Website or as required by law. The Operator will provide information on data processing, data usage (method, purpose, duration, authorized recipients), and store personal data accordingly. Visitors can request the deletion of their personal data in writing, and the Operator is obligated to destroy the data unless data processing is required by law. If the deletion of personal data is requested while it is a prerequisite for using a service, the visitor will lose access to that service upon deletion.

The Operator is liable for damages caused by the mishandling of personal data or breaches of technical data protection requirements. If the damage occurs during the Operator's data processing activities, the data controller is responsible for compensating the damages.

III. Liability Issues

The Operator is not responsible for any damages incurred by visitors to the Website resulting from the access to and use of the Website or the lack of access and use due to reasons beyond the Operator's control.

Whenever the Website displays content provided or received from third parties, the Operator clearly indicates the provider and/or provides a visible reference or link to the provider's website or the external location of the content. The Operator does not assume responsibility for external content, its accuracy, changes, or any errors in the links. Upon request from the authorized provider, the Operator will delete or modify the reference to the external content.

IV. User-generated Content is not responsible for any content generated by users, such as reader letters, comments, forum posts, etc.

NEWLIMITS COACHING LLP does not verify the accuracy of information posted in reader comments under the content it publishes. However, it should be noted that it is prohibited to publish any data that violates Hungarian and British laws on these platforms. If such a violation occurs, NEWLIMITS COACHING LLP reserves the right to delete or edit the comment or temporarily or permanently ban the offending user from the site.

V. Other Provisions

The Operator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The changes will take effect on the day they are published on the modified terms and conditions page.