Financial intelligence and wealth creation are learnable.

Our mission is to empower individuals through teaching transformative ideas and providing training that enhances their ability to create wealth.


The world is full of obvious things that nobody ever notices. Your personal financial experiences make up approximately 0.00000001 percent of what's happening in the world, yet they have an 80 percent impact on your worldview.


I am Akosh Kiricsi.

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There are various financial problems, but each problem is a free tool to improve yourself!

I will show and teach you new methods that offer solutions for everyday financial growth, a better life, and achieving your dreams. 

"I'm very glad that I found this investment opportunity. We want to secure our carefree retirement years and achieve a steady passive income in the long term. We invested in a few funds just a few months ago, and we haven't regretted it. It brings stable and reliable income every month. With this in mind, we will also open funds for our children, which will help them, even in purchasing a house. This is a fantastic opportunity that would be a shame to miss out on."

- Attila Szabó

"In 2018, I was left alone with my three children, my 2-year-old daughter, and newborn twin sons. Since then, the desire to gain passive income has become very strong within me. I constantly research investment sources and always manage to find them. Thank you for the opportunity."

- Réka Radics

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